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Restaurant LienVandeputte

Allergic to any influence and doctrines, Lien prepares a personal and light menu filled with emotion and respect for each ingredient. Her passion for vegetables and herbs originated in her childhood spent on the farms of her grandparents and uncles, where she foraged in the soil to help harvest the best vegetables. Being in touch with the earth and the smells of the field bring her joy. That is why Lien exclusively works with a sophisticated network of local bio-farmers who can guarantee the freshness, quality and flavours of her childhood.

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As North Sea Chef, Lien prefers preparing the bycatch and what the fishermen bring ashore for that particular season. For her choice of meat and poultry, as well, respect for nature and animal well-being takes priority. Which translates directly into the taste of the dish.

Lien has been working solo in her kitchen for over ten years. She is always developing her highly personal and unique yet accessible style, in which specific herbs and textures create tension and depth. There is only room for ingredients with a function. Each dish is composed transparently and logically.

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As a self-taught chef, Lien is only concerned with her guests and with nature. In a five-course menu, Lien creates a synthesis of the season focused on the purity of the flavours.

Ambassadors of GOESTING

I am proud to call myself one of the 21 ambassadors of Goesting! Taste the passion of our fishermen, organic livestock breeders and farmers and be inspired!

Lien Vandeputte
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